Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Citizen Journalists Take to the Airwaves!

With the 2nd anniversary of Katrina only days away, we're happy to report that WBAI (99.5FM) will be running the documentaries produced by our grantees throughout this week. You can listen online by visiting, if you happen to be in New York, you can listen to the pieces as they air live, at the following times:

Monday, August 27
: 8.10am EST: Coastal Women For Change (CWC)

Tuesday, August 28
: 8.25am EST: Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights (MWC)

Wednesday, August 29
: 6.10 am EST: replay of CWC & MWC

7.25 am EST: Renaissance Village

7.35 am EST: Moore Community House (MCH)

8.40 am EST: North Gulfport Community Land Trust (CLT)

Thursday, August 30
: 6.10 am EST: replay of MCH & CLT

Make sure to tune in!

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